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How can a dead pig handle a harmless treatment?

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Disposal equipment production technology: the dead pig after high temperature and high pressure sterilization after curing.
Disposal equipment production technology: the dead pig after high temperature and high pressure sterilization after curing, destroy bacteria, and then remove fat and water and finally drying crush meat and bone meal or organic fertilizer.
At home, the disposal of dead livestock and poultry is basically buried in deep pit or collective incineration, not thorough treatment, may spread the disease, pollute the environment! Our disposal device can handle dead livestock and poultry, make its recycling, can produce certain economic benefits, and safe and pollution-free processing dead livestock and poultry, protect the environment and prevent pollution.
Research and development of harmless processing equipment for livestock and poultry: suitable for harmless treatment of harmful pig products at the designated slaughtering factory of pig, and installed in the dead pig harmless treatment workshop. The pig products are cooked under high temperature and under high pressure, and the bacteria are completely destroyed. The products can be extracted from oil and bone powder.
New regulations on the administration of pig slaughtering of live pigs designated slaughterhouses (field) put forward the higher request, the "bad pig and pig products disposal facilities" as slaughtering enterprises should have the basic conditions.
According to the present situation of domestic slaughtering industry, the dead pig harmless treatment equipment used for slaughtering factory is developed for domestic slaughtering enterprises.
The harmless treatment equipment of livestock and poultry is suitable for the harmless treatment of pig and pig products in pig slaughtering factory, and is installed in the harmless treatment workshop. By cooking the dead animal in high temperature and under high pressure, the original body can be completely destroyed, and the oil and bone powder can be extracted from it.
Specific process: material conveyor to the tank to high temperature and high pressure sterilization, unloading and exhaust gas treatment to drying, cooling, screening, dust removal and related waste gas treatment and storage materials weighing, packaging, warehousing.
We choose livestock and poultry slaughtering waste harmless treatment equipment, from manufacture to installation, from debugging to technology transfer, we serve you all the way, let you enjoy the convenience of one-stop service. Save all the time you can save and help you create greater wealth.
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